Chandan Sharma

Chandan is a passionate, experienced and qualified mountaineer, born and brought up in the serenity of the majestic Himalaya. He established his position with his untiring, unmatchable driving energy to be a Director of Trek India. He being the most hardworking, laborious & having the management skill earned the name in the field of adventure in the country. He has graduated from all the courses of mountaineering and skiing at the Government Mountaineering Institute Manali.

Chandan is also an experienced and qualified Mountaineering Instructor. He has been a part of several renowned expeditions as an explorer and expert in adventure sports for over 18 years. His unparalleled understanding of the mountains and its adventures makes him a very valuable asset to the technical, hospitality and management teams of Trek India. His commitment to hospitality and the well being of the guest has helped him a successful entrepreneur, though the youngest in the team his commitment, knowledge, strength and work style is that of a veteran.