Era Meyappan

A Lawyer by profession in Madras High court, Meyappan is also the Director of Bharat Dharshan an organization which promotes Cultural and Adventure Tourism for westerners in India.

He is an avid trekker, adventure enthusiast and a nature lover. Inspired by the mountains at a very young age he has been involved with over a million children and youth in promoting preservation of ecology, environmental protection, reduction of carbon foot print and conservation of flora and fauna.

He has contributed to the empowerment of tribal and rural youth in the southern India, the protection of Silent Valley National Park and other biosphere hot spots. He is also the former Vice-President of Youth Hostels Association of India (YHAI).

Meyappan was the former president of Exnora International Naturalists’ Club a grass root environmental organisation and currently he is its advisor. The organisation has contributed immensely to Solid waste management, Zero garbage management, plastic reduction, terrace/roof gardening in micro communities and national parks.