Naresh Sharma

Naresh Sharma has more than four decades of rich experience in trekking, camping and other outdoor activities. Besides the Himalaya he has conducted trekking expeditions and conducted camping activities across India including Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Goa, Nagaland, the desserts of Rajasthan and Sikkim. He has trained thousands of “youth leaders” in adventure sports across the country.

He has also been closely involved in organizing a number of National and International programs for the youth.  Naresh is a qualified youth trainer and has been responsible in producing youth leaders in adventure tourism.

Naresh not only had an intimate knowledge of Himalayas, but has a vast experience and expertise in camp management, travel, adventure, environment activities along with youth development. His passion for adventure sports began when he was just 8 year old.

He has worked extensively in analyzing historical perspective of people’s culture, language and life style. During his career he has worked very closely and extensively to develop indigenous communities in knowledge sharing.
He is also the architect of several government operated eco-friendly tourism project in, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Sikkim.

Naresh is an excellent orator and voracious reader.